L’ abécédaire d’un typographe


We are sorry, this book is not available in English.

Seeing Architecture

Design Contribution to Knowledge Building


Today, our daily life depends as much on the architecture of digital data as on that of the built environment. Despite our different uses of these constructions, they pose the same questions of structure, organization ...

Les Contrepoinçons


This book is published in English by Hyphen Press, London.


This book is availbale in english version here

The Future does not exist: retrotypes


Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Ultimately, this is unimportant, because we all talk about the future, however uncertain, as if its existence goes without saying. Yet, if we picture it as a region of ...

The Secretary Blouse


Armand Jalut’s recent paintings are characterized by the inclusion of machines, manufacturing tools that are telescoped with organic elements, often edible: a slice of grapefruit (CLASS FW600), fried eggs (CLASS W664UT), a bunch of ...

Max Bill / Jan Tschichold


This book is only available in French language.

The The Witching Hour


Expected to appear the 24th of April 2014

Jean-Luc Blanc, Lindsey Bull, Georges Devy & L. Dalliance, Florence Doléac, Camille Ducellier, Mary Beth Edelson, León Ferrari, Derek Jarman, Richard John Jones & Max Allen, Latifa Laâbissi, Bruce ...

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